In recent years, preparations for beauty based on argan oil flooded the world market. They are extremely popular, and almost every cosmetic company has at least one line of care products based on this oil.

Whether it is a marketing trick or fact? It depends which brand we speak. The higher purity argan oil in the product, it is a visible effect of the treatment. Many companies are trying to attract customers by putting the name of the product that contains argan oil, but many of them do not contain even a part of the 1% authentic argan oil, while the rest is filled with silicone products. On the other hand, lines like Moroccanoil Oil Treatment for All Hair Types, Lee Stafford Argan Oil contain high concentrations of Moroccan argan oil, which has a strong hydrating power, and the effect is evident.

The origin of argan oil. Well, this is my favorite part … Argan oil is a product of grain processing argan tree, which grows only in Morocco. Traditionally, one would get pressed argan fruit and seeds so that the fruits of this tree food Moroccan mountain goat. As undigested part of the fruit they throw seeds, which are then collected and drained to obtain oil. Today it is rarely used this method, as the cosmetics company swear ..Let’s trust them.

What makes argan oil so special?

It has great penetrative power, ie, very quickly penetrates deep into the hair shaft so that it improves its structure from the inside, while many silicone oils, which mainly included in the commercial preparations for the care, make hair only seemingly healthier, and do not wash again because actually retain only the surface layer of hair.

It is rich in vitamin E. Vitamiin E improves blood circulation of the scalp, which nourishes dlakin follicle better. Vitamin E stimulates hair growth, restores its natural shine, helps regenerate damaged tops and in the prevention of premature aging hair.

Argan oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which have been proven to strengthen hair prone to tearing and breaking, returning her elaszi─Źnost and also nourishing the scalp.

In what situations is recommended argan oil?

  1. Hidratation of hair. Argan oil is very similar to the composition of the natural oils scalp.
  2. It has the ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the hair, changing its texture and leaving it supple.
  3. Allows you to regenerate damaged parts of the hair to a certain extent.
  4. The application of argan oil makes it easier to comb the hair.
  5. Restores the hair a natural, healthy glow.
  6. Prevents hair loss.
  7. Nourishes hair follicle, living part of hair, and thus promotes growth.
  8. It soothes the scalp prone to redness and flaking.
  9. Argan oil allows for easy styling. With the help of argan oil, you will have a smooth finish of hair, if you frequently use straightening irons or coffee twisting, but is happening to some restless hair floating on the side.
  10. Provides protection against high temperature apparatus styling!

How to use argan oil? Ok, this is already written on the packaging. Basically, as a treatment without rinsing to damp hair, those with a lower concentration can be on dry and warm oil as a treatment, what you can read this article.